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The Dark Side Tailgate 

"This is not going to go the way you think!"

​- Master Luke Skywalker 

Perhaps you’re right, wimpy, hairy son of mine. 
We had promises, expectations and dreams of a better team after January. 
Last year, we had an explosive Offense, a decent running game, a gritty Defense and a Playbook that gave us 12 wins. 
It is now 2017 and already have more losses than the previous year. What has changed??!?!?! 
1. Well, we lost Andre Holmes. I did NOT think that was too damaging to the team until I saw him burn (trip up) our secondary for a TD last Sunday.
2. We lost "Tay Train" Murray: Eh, I’ll still take Beast Mode til the casket drops..
3. The most popular gripe: We lost our Offensive Coordinator, Bill Musgrave. I’m actually tired of hearing this argument, but the masses have a point until "TD" Todd Downing remains consistent with creative Play Calling (Last week was still phenomenal) . 
The Dark Side Take: We simply don’t have the depth within our team after our key guys are out.
Karl Joseph? He could of helped with defending the End Zone and bringing a powerful Blitz play. David Amerson & Gareon Conley? They could of been the difference in picking off the ball and creating Turnovers. 
Last but not least.. Beast Mode could of made a HUGE difference. Yeah, I know the stats aren’t quite there to prove this theory of the Sith Lord, but at least he would of held on to the ball! PLUS, I think he could of matched the rushing total of 47 yards (combined total of the quick and agile Jawas)
Let it be known, I LOVE our little "Pocket Rockets" Jalen Ricard and DeAndre Washington…it’s just..sometimes you need a bruiser to NOT cough up balls and man handle a Defense that is ranked THIRD against the run and also in points allowed. We missed you, #24!
Coach JDR seemed defiant after being asked about the regression of our Offense. Some might think he’s tired of the question "Why the lack of long targets this week?"

"I can’t answer to that," Del Rio said. "I wasn’t – nobody was saying, ‘Don’t take a shot’ – I can’t speak to that right now."

Asked again if he wanted to see more urgency on offense after falling into a deficit, Del Rio wouldn’t oblige."I’m not sure where you’re going with this," he told a reporter. "I feel like, you know, don’t have four turnovers. I think it would probably look a little better." 
Captain Derek Carr also seemed flustered out there. Perhaps the rain just got in his eyes as he kept giving away early Xmas Gifts?

Last year he didn’t throw two interceptions in a single game. This year he’s done that three times. One interception Sunday fell into the hands of Micah Hyde, who has an NFL-high five picks. The other fell cleanly to Trae Elston as the Raiders tried to mount a comeback.

"We were able to hit some things and do some certain things, and I felt like we had a really good plan," Carr said. "When we turn the ball over and when we’re trailing, they’re able to play softer and then we can’t take those chunk throws that we really want."Indeed.. I thought those turnovers were the key to everything. Yes, I know good teams can prevail from those kinds of mistakes, but for some reason, we keep our heads down after a negative play. This has to stop!!! Without belief we have nothing!!

A night after the loss our Head Coach also mentioned Carr can be more patient and let deeper plays develop.

"When he looks at the film, he’s going to say, ‘I had more time. I wasn’t under duress. I had more time to scan the field and to take some of the shots that we had designed to take,’ " Del Rio said. "There were things that were there. We all have to do it better."Coach also had some recent solutions to make out team improve.
"We’re probably overly cautious. Trying too hard not to do things as opposed to just playing. Let it rip!" Del Rio said at his news conference. "I know the Raiders football team that I envision. We’re not playing like that."

Coach also mentioned a specific situation in were our team was trailing 14-7 near the end of the First half. Why not just chuck that damn ball like Aaron Rodgers near the End Zone? ( #4 completed a short pass to Richard instead)

"That was a called throw into the end zone," Del Rio said. "So we’d like to give guys more time, let those guys get down there and take a shot at it. I mean, that’s the whole idea. That’s what we practiced. That’s what we prepared to do in that situation..It’s not a high-percentage play, but you get your 1 in 10. We’ll take it. … So, yes, that was called and needed to be executed much better."More Criics added fuel to the fire:
"One week he looks like Aaron Rodgers, the next week he looks like an average quarterback. When Marshawn Lynch comes back, you have to run the offense through him," All Pro Rodney Harrison said. He later added: "Why do we give him a free pass? What has he done so spectacular in this league?"
Did Rodney watch ANY of the 2016 Season?????? I sense hatred!!!!! Jerk...
More from Coach:
""It’s a faith thing, you know? You either believe it or you don’t. And I think that those things all kind of lead into that mojo," Del Rio said. "We’re not that far away. We just have to get it going. It’s past time, really. The second half is here and we’ve got some ground to cover, some ground to make up. We have to get busy."
Better sooner than later, Coach JDR. Your job actually depends on it.

On the Defensive Side, we can ran over like a bug near a Tauntaun. 

LeSean McCoy torched us for 151 yards on the ground and a 48-yard rushing touchdown in his dissection of the Raiders’ defense. Since McCoy arrived in Buffalo in 2015, he only had one game with more rushing yards.

"The guys up front, we’ve talked about just letting them dominate the line of scrimmage," McCoy said. "Giving me some one-on-one opportunities, giving me some lanes, and they did that today."We had no Sacks, no Interceptions and no turnovers AGAIN. I wish I could say this is something different, but it’s not. Ken Norton, please pack your bags now to save you the time of reflecting on the misery in the later days to come.
Cory James, that is the best I’ve seen you play in a while. 8 Tackles does not come easy, kid. NaVorro Bowman also did what he could while grabbing 7 tackles with 4 assists. You two? keep up the good work. The Rest of you? Taste the end of my Lightsaber!!!!
Just kidding! (But the Emperor will visit you Locker Room soon..)