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The Dark Side Tailgate 

The Dark Side Tailgate is Raising money towards the California Fire Victims.   

Help us raise money to contribute towards the California fire victims.  The Dark Side Tailgate will present a check to the Raiders at the Dark Side Tailgate Challenge with al the funds collected.  *Donation to fire victims subject to change depending on the Raiders support. 

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The Dark Side is located in the North End Zone at the Oakland Raiders Coliseum in parking lot a


Established in 1997, The Dark Side was created by Leonard "The Sith Lord" Ybarra after many inquiries of where his brother Charles "Darth Raider" Ybarra sat during the Oakland Raiders home games.


Our journey with the Dark Side began with Charles becoming Darth Raider in 1995, our first banner established in 1997 and our first official Dark Side Tailgate in 2005.  Since then The Dark Side has traveled to many NFL Stadiums, has been filmed, interviewed and featured on the Food Network, Tailgate Warriors.  We've welcomed many NFL fans from around the world to create one of the best NFL Tailgate experiences at the Oakland Coliseum..